Senator Tupac A. Hunter

Wayne County: Dearborn Heights, Inkster, Detroit

Hunter Introduces New License Plate Bill to Combat Crime, Protect Citizens

Bill will require front license plates on all vehicles to improve identification

LANSING—Senate Minority Floor Leader Tupac A. Hunter (D-Detroit) has introduced legislation to require that all Michigan vehicles have license plates on the front of them as well as the rear. Adding this requirement will make it easier to identify vehicles for crime reporting and safety purposes.

“This is a simple bill that could have a significant impact on deterring crime and catching perpetrators throughout this state,” said Senator Hunter. “Identifying and reporting a license plate number is often one of the most important pieces to solving a crime, and I see no reason why we in the Legislature shouldn’t take this step to increase their visibility.”

Senator Hunter introduced this legislation after a former law enforcement officer and constituent of his suggested it as a way to help prevent crime. Front license plates increase motorist safety and seek to deter criminal activity in several instances. They provide a reflective surface on the front of a vehicle and help warn drivers of oncoming traffic in situations where a car’s headlights are off or out. Front license plates are also a particularly valuable tool for school bus drivers in identifying vehicles that do not properly stop for crossing children as well as other suspicious vehicles. Finally, front license plates provide a second opportunity—and from a different vantage point—to identify vehicles in a hit and run accident or other criminal activity, helping witnesses better recall and report a crime.

Currently, 31 states have both a front and a rear license plate requirement and two states (Connecticut and Massachusetts) have recently returned to using two license plates.


Sen. Hunter represents the 5th District, which is comprised of Northwest Detroit, Dearborn Heights and Inkster. He serves as the Minority Floor Leader. He is a member of the Senate Government Operations Committee, Legislative Council, and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.